7SEAS Sisstr 3/2 Chestzip


7SEAS Sisstr 3/2 Chestzip


100% Super Stretch
Light limestone based neoprene
Light, Warm, Soft, More Stretch, easy to put on and take off, allows for more freedom of movement
Thermal hollow fiber lining insulates heat and dries fast
DOPE DYED Fabric- a softer, eco-friendly, anti-fade fabric made by Bluesign approved mills.

Tailored fit which is anatomically correct, engineered body lines with minimal seams for unrestricted warmth and performance

Watertight Chest-Zip entry and minimal bulk with contoured water-tight design
Sisstr’s super stretch Neo 2.0 tape allows for maximum seam sealing have unrestricted stretch and comfort
Triple glued, double blind stitched seams
Liquid taped cuffs, seals to prevent flushing
Knee pad- SUPRATEX abrasion resistant for flexibility and strength
Glideskin on the neck seals to skin to prevent flushing
Easy access secure key cord.

Treat with special care! Rinse wetsuit thoroughly inside and out with fresh water
Hang dry in a cool shaded area and avoid hanging in direct sun light. When changing, avoid standing on the wetsuit.

12 Month Warranty


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